Must Know About ISTQB Examination

The Certified Tester Foundation Level or CTFL in software testing is comprised of people who work as testers, test consultants, test analysts, test engineers, test managers, software developers and user acceptance testers. However, one can not become a full-blooded IT professional without having the CTFL qualifications which in effect only happens if one passed the examination conducted by International Software Testing Qualifications Board.

Why is there a need for qualification to become a certified- ISQTB tester? The answer is: read the question again and you’ll know the solution. There are still higher level software testing qualification, however, CTFL is the cornerstone.

For the ISTQB examination, it is mainly based on the syllabus created and standardized by the ISTQB itself. This syllabus presents the national examination bodies’ examination questions which can be localized and can be obtained by all aspirants. Hence, the syllabus will play a crucial role in preparing the candidates for the ISTQB examination.

Though the format of the examination is a multiple choice type this should not be underestimated by the candidates since it is the type of exam which is considered as tricky and risky.

The ISQTB examination can be taken when you opt to undergo a training which is accredited by the board itself. Another option to choose from is that, the exam can also be taken independently, meaning, the aspirant has the choice to go in an examination center and take the examination there.

Like all tests conducted ISTQB is not different since it aims to help IT professional or software testers be prepared and credible in their profession.

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