Must Know About Siebel Answers

Siebel Systems, Inc. together with Oracle Corporation had developed application systems which require great technical skills from the users.

One consequence of Siebel Systems, Inc. and Oracle Corporation integration is also the integration of the systems applications. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition has one tool that is being used in one of Siebel’s application and that is Siebel answer. What is this tool called Siebel Answer?

Siebel Answer can function as an ad hoc tool that defines a question which will retrieve information to answer the business questions. Creating reports and dashboards could be made easy when Business Intelligence Application Developer use the Siebel Answer tool.

Siebel answers and dashboards would be available once Siebel Analytics administration is already built. In other products such as Siebel Enterprise Analytic Platform 7.7, Siebel Answers and Intelligence Dashboards are included. These components will definitely provide interactive admission for end users to get business questions answered.

Since Siebel Answer is also considered as an ad hoc tool then, analytic functionality centered on authentic web architecture hence, end-users will earn the capability of interacting with a logical view of data or information. Organization of information will be also provided to the end-users with the help of Siebel Answers that will provide a reflection on how the users think other than how information is stored and structured.

Once analysis of information—which can be shown in tables, charts, pivot tables and other visual formats—is created in Siebel Answers, this information is ready to get published in the users’ private dashboard which can also be shared with other users.

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