Nature of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Trainings

Black belt training and certification for Lean Six Sigma professionals is important to ensure that companies can deliver quality projects and products at the shortest possible time without committing mistakes.  Lean Six Sigma Black belts can help companies achieve near-perfect implementation of production and management processes.  For that reason, trainings and courses in Lean Six Sigma is very essential to improve the skills of key personnel who can develop company performance and profitability.

The qualifying program for Lean Six Sigma Black belt can be availed by responsible individuals in the company.  Management teams and professionals involved in critical functions should undergo intensive training in Lean Six Sigma.  Managers handling product deliveries and design, company operations, quality control, corporate finance, and supply and inventory control should hold Black belt certification.  Line managers responsible for the development of specific business processes and those involve in developing new products can also qualify for Black belt Lean Six Sigma training.  These individuals are the critical movers of every company and they are the ones handling important decisions and work processes.

The Lean Six Sigma certification trainings are usually conducted in training centers provided by Six Sigma institutions.  Applications can be accomplished online although some institutions will require confirmation of training applications via fax or business letters.  Lectures and formal trainings will last for at least two months with intensive sessions happening once a week.  All training materials and references will be provided by the training centers.  At the end of the course, trainees will be required to submit comprehensive project strategies and reports that could impact on company processes and performance.

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