Near-perfect Project Deliveries Using Six Sigma Project Management

Applying Six Sigma to project management can significantly reduce the actual time of completion of any projects.  Companies developing new products, services or work processes must employ effective project management methodologies in order to deliver quality results in as little time as possible.  Completion of planned tasks and attainment of goals within the specified time and budget will make the project profitable.  In order to do this, project managers must deploy Six Sigma methods to its project management framework.

Six Sigma project management can reduce or even eliminate defects that may arise during the course of implementation of a project.  Six Sigma can ensure that the work flow and processes involved in every stage of the project will have near-perfect completion of its tasks.  This is possible because Six Sigma can identify factors that could hamper a work flow right at the start of the project.  Effective corrective actions for these bottle necks will result to smooth implementation of every project task.  The end results are faster implementation with near zero mistakes.  The company has saved a lot in terms of resources, time, and effort thus making the project more valuable and competitive.

Project management professionals must sharpen their skills in deploying Six Sigma to project implementation and management.  With the institution of Six Sigma methods, their management task could be made easier and efficient.  It would be a good mark on their professional records if they can deliver projects with the highest quality at reduced cost, time, and effort.

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