Needed Skills to Create ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets

What are the needed competencies in order to take the ECDL advanced spreadsheets certifications?  Well, there are several not so common utilities that must be learned by users before they can confidently take the advances spreadsheets programs. 

The ECDL advanced spreadsheets program is sanctioned by the ECDL Foundation and the British Computer Society.  Course work for advanced spreadsheet program needs approval from these regulating bodies.

The specific skills requirement for advanced spreadsheets includes the ability to create and transform data into enhanced numerical and graphical presentations.  It means that users must be able to accomplish conversion of simple facts into figures and graphs that can be easily understood by the readers of spreadsheets.

The ability to automate data sorting, creating automatic calculations, and embedding macros on specific fields is also important requirements for advanced spreadsheets users.  These tasks are quite complicated and may involve certain basic in-program tweaking.  The sorted data must also be linked for easy navigation to other spreadsheets.

Advanced spreadsheet users must be able to create logical solutions that the program can recognize.  This may involve the creation and configuration of mathematical formulas that will trigger an action whenever data is introduced in individual fields.

Finally, advanced users are required to thoroughly grasp the auditing functions of spreadsheets programs for easy validation of data.  This may involve running analysis language within the program to easily generate data auditing. 

These are some of the advanced tasks that should be learned by spreadsheets power users.  Experts can easily create spreadsheets that have these functionalities.

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