Network Security Management: The Protection of Sensitive Information

The idea of Network Management is to provide a more detailed and orderly processing and control of the Information being entered and passed into a certain central computer that controls the rest.
It is meant to present the Information to the users in an easy and manageable manner.
In fact, most of the Information being passed and managed by the central computer is meant only for the eyes of the IT team and the Business concerned.
Being easy and manageable to access, it is simply not meant for outsiders to see therefore Network Management is strictly concerned with how it handles the Information passed into it.
In fact the goal of Network Management is to have all and ultimate control of the access to the Network resources to avoid any sabotage, both intentionally or unintentionally, against Network.
All throughout the Network, all sensitive information, which can be label as such by the IT team concerned, are only accessed by having the necessary and required authorization.
The Network Security Management, which is a subsystem of the Network Management, is able to scan and monitor the users logging and utilizing the Network and this can be done at all times.
Whenever necessary, the IT team of the Network may forbid and refuse a user from accessing.
For purposes of simplicity, the IT team may partition the Network into areas that are authorized and unauthorized to be accessed, as some areas in the Network are only for the Business’ eyes only.
For example, accessing the Human Resource files of the Business is forbidden to all users that are not inside the Human Resources department.
They simply cannot see and access the parts that are not meant for them.


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