New Features of SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition for Improving Security and Web Services

The SQL Server 2005 Developer edition is ideal for database administrators, software developers, and database and business intelligence consultants.  The superior customization features and scalability of SQL Server Developer edition could significantly easy the management of corporate data systems.  At the same time, the developer edition can deploy reliable and robust security features for the database.  

Developers and programmers can deploy multiple SQL Server Developer editions on numerous workstations as long as they obtain separate licenses for each deployment.  Multiple deployments could be very useful for companies that have extensive local and wide network connected to a large database system.  

The SQL Server Developer edition has several important features that could help enhance database development especially on design and security.  One such feature is the inclusion of a reliable messaging application specifically used for asynchronous programs.  The messaging system provides a reliable architecture for cross server communications in order to guarantee secure transactional transmission of data.  

Another important feature of SQL Server 2005 Developer is its close integration with common database and programming language such as the .NET framework and Microsoft Visual Studio.  This integration will greatly ease debug and clean up operation especially for databases created in such languages.  

The developer edition of SQL Server can also allow programmers and database administrators to create interactive web services tools and functionalities to enhance the online deployments of the corporate database.  The SQL Server therefore can be created in HTTP in order to fully utilize the functionalities of online services for the database.

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