New Prince2 Examination Method: Change for the Better?

Not many years ago, Prince2 examinations are essay-type tests.  Examinees will be presented with lots of practical questions and the answer should be written legibly and of course, correctly.  Previous examinations lasts for almost three to four hours and within that limited time, the examinees must build their cases and propositions on the questions at hand.  Usually, the questions demanded practical solutions to some of the most pressing project management problems.  And it follows that the examinees should use the Prince2 methodologies in solving the problems.

This type of exam was replaced by an objective testing method.  In practical parlance, today’s Prince2 examinations are multiple choice exams.  Questions will be presented to the examinees and there are four arrayed answers to choose from.  The time allotted to finish the whole exam did not change but the number of questions ballooned.  The same pressure is still there and some examinees are really hard pressed to complete the exams at the appropriate time.

Some sectors asserted that the quality of Prince2 examinations have been downgraded by the implementation of the multi-choice system.  However, developers and official test makers disputed this claim.  In fact, the examination became more competitive and the level of difficulty increased.  The wide range of topics that can be covered by the new examination system can be considered as an upgrade because test masters can concretely determine the actual grasp of examinees on the different elements of Prince2.

The change lessened the writing time of examinees but it significantly increased their thinking time.  For most practitioners, this is a good development.

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