New Release: Career by Design – Skills, advice and training to build your management potential

Career by Design – Skills, advice and training to build your management potential – The Managing Professional Development Complete Certification Kit

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This book is designed for new managers, or experienced managers who are responsible for the personal development of their team, and want to be effective and efficient leaders, whilst improving their own personal development. Highly readable, highly practical, and highly usable.
Anyone who is managing staff needs this book!

This program is filled with practical and usable examples, exercises, tips and guidance, you need to get you to the top of your game with the essential management elements to develop yourself and your staff e.g.

  • Learning to be a Leader,
  • ABC’s of Supervising Others,
  • Hiring Smart and
  • Motivating Your Workforce.

In addition, there are chapters designed specifically to focus on tailoring your managing skills and abilities e.g.

  • Conducting Effective Performance Reviews,
  • Delivering Presentations and Public Speaking,
  • Writing Reports and Proposals and
  • Stress Management.

The Art of Service’s book is a good read for those in management as it covers all of the in-demand elements – and promotes taking the time to get the most out of your self, and your team.

In this time of reduced budgets and high competition this is a very timely book. Getting the most from yourself and your staff; from choosing the right candidate during the recruitment process, to ensuring they have the support they need to meet targets, this book will you with the extra edge you need to ensure success.

“Making Work Work” W. I

“Plan B for the Pursuit of Success” M.F.

“Great Actionable Strategies” J.E

“The how-to on leveraging your career” R.M

“The best career advice I ever got (or gave)? Read this book!”, A. H.

I completed all the exercises this book and course contains.

To get the most out this book, don’t try skimming through or reading it all at once.

Instead, treat it like a course of study. It isn’t necessarily quick or simple, because the book guides you through a process, and that requires time and serious thought.

But if you work with it, it can really help you focus on what’s important to you in a career, the things that make work satisfying.

It worked for me … and this book made it possible.

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