Nextel WiMax: Mobility and Speed for Enhanced Communication Productivity

Nextel is one of the communication giants in the United States to adopt WiMax technologies.  The Nextel WiMax deployment was designed to provide subscribers faster wireless connectivity in order to maximize the broad range of communication applications available in the market. 

Through Nextel WiMax deployments, subscribers will not only get crisp communication signals but will enable them to use their different gadgets to use modern web technologies and applications.  Mobile Internet connections would be more convenient and productive because WiMax solutions can provide faster data transfer rates.  Users will also be able to get connection speeds that are twenty times faster than 3G networks.  The technology will enable companies to adopt virtual office environments for their employees because of enhanced connections.

Before adopting WiMax technology for its network, Nextel ensured that it could meet its critical requirements for mobile telephony.  First, Nextel required providers to give them a wireless connectivity solution that will be economical and over-head cost efficient.  Second, the provider must meet the speed and reliable connectivity requirements of Nextel.  And the provider should enable Nextel solutions to interoperate with different suppliers and networks.  The capability of WiMax technology met all these requirements thus leading to its adoption.  WiMax also provided Nextel a first in the market solution for its communication services and devices. 

Nextel’s frequency allocation band of 2.5 GHz is also compatible with WiMax technology.  By deploying WiMax, Nextel has been able to provide subscribers with connectivity speeds reaching 4 megabytes per second on a highly portable network.

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