Number of WiMAX Subscriber on the Rise

The failure or success of the WiMAX future will depend highly on how the market will accept it. The most important factor or figure for this is the WiMAX subscribers. If there will be no enough subscribers for WiMAX technology, then it will surely die soon. But if there is an overwhelming number of subscribers, then the telecommunications technology will surely grow and see a bright future. So what is the real side of the coin?

According to a recent report made by WiMAXCounts, a tracking service from the Canadian Research group Maravedis, has noted a growth in the number of WiMAX subscribers. In the first quarter of 2007, there were already nearly one million subscribers of WiMAX services and BWA/WiMAX services. In fact, the additional subscribers in the 2007 first quarter are more or less 150,000. That’s a growth of 17.5 percent.

The report furthered that among the leading countries that have numerous WiMAX subscribers are United States, Australia, and Spain. These countries are accounted for almost half of all the WiMAX subscribers.

Some critiques may say that the growth in WiMAX subscribers is not that overwhelming. But the researches argued that the telecommunications technology is still new to the market. In fact, many nations do not have any knowledge of its existence yet. But researchers claimed that with the deployment of over 120 WiMAX networks all over the world, there will surely be a phenomenal growth in the WiMAX subscribers. Some also expects an added 400 deployments of WiMAX networks in 2008. This deployment can reach 150 million potential WiMAX subscribers.

By 2012, researchers believe that there will be about 1.3 billion people subscribers to use the WiMAX telecommunications technology.

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