Nutritional Time Frames and Trial Periods in Change Management

The health of the employees in a company greatly affects the success of a particular company. This fact has been an increasing understanding especially to the change management agents. There has always been an intensive corporate effort in keeping all the employees within an organization healthy and productive. The effort goes beyond health services that include programs for the prevention of any disease that might affect the employee. Promotion of health programs are very important components in the efforts of prevention.

The current study about the long term impacts of the health of an organization and other wellness programs has brought new proofs about the health promotion interventions associated with the cost savings of the organization. The vital element in this effort is to attract the participation of all the employees and change managers at risk for the high use of all the benefits they can get from attending. The study eventually presented evidences that recommend accomplishing and attending the trial period of the program has implications of economic savings for large organizations and employers.

Change Management requires health considerations for all the stresses accompanied in the nature of the work of the change agents. Nutritional programs that the company can conduct can focus on the areas like the use of tobacco, activity or nature of the work, stress management and preventive health practices. The goal of this kind of program is to promote health culture and productivity and to give economic benefits to the organization through the reduction of its expenditures regarding health care.
 Employees and change agents are encouraged to attend this kind of program for a given trial period.


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