Obtain MCP through CBT

You think of ways on how to improve your skills and at same time move on to higher path in your career.  Taking the Microsoft Certified Professional is your ticket to success and you feel the need to take the examination but your present job does not permit you to go on leave of absence to study. You also realized that you couldn’t afford not to work and just be a full time student.  To solve this dilemma is to take a training where an individual can train and learn online or off line through the use of CDs.

This type of training for MCP is called the Computer Based Training (CBT).  This training is believed to be the perfect answer for those busy professionals or aspirants to learn without necessarily attending computer-training classes but to train on their own free time.  Professionals are able to obtain their certifications at the comfort of their home or office without the need to go to a classroom, or strain their eyes through hundreds of pages of self-teach books. The CBT training is a program that walks professionals through a step-by-step learning.

CBT training allows professionals who wish to obtain IT certification to acquire new knowledge, skills and prepare for the MCP.  The CBT training using a CD allows professionals to make their e-learning handy as they can bring the CD along with their laptop or PC at work or any place they would feel comfortable to study. 

Through CBT you learn to be independent learners, at your own self-paced and self-directed learning approach.

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