OCM: Organizational Change Management

In any organization, change is always constant.  And change should always happen if
you want your company to succeed in the business world.  This change can be in the
work process, manpower, directives, technology, or policies.  Today, organizational
change management (OCM) is of vital importance in keeping your company on top of
competitors by preparing employees and key people for in adapting to any changes in
the workflow and work environment.

But these changes can only be implemented if employees are willing to accept it. 
Change does not only mean implementation.  It also means involvement.  The most
important and critical part in the organizational change management is the transition
period.  This is the period when companies let go of the current state and start to
introduce new processes, technologies and even new people for the first time.  If there
is no proper involvement of the workforce, everything will inevitably fail.

Among the biggest challenges companies face today in implementing desired changes
are employee fears (whether real or imagined) and sometimes outright resistance. 
In severe cases, resistance could even lead to sabotage.  Without the proper
organizational change management, these fears and resistance could lead to
unnecessary stresses and pressures which could then lead to lessened productivity and
low morale of the workforce.

Fortunately, there are now companies that specialize in OCM or organizational
change management.  Although these companies offer different approaches in their
OCM procedures, their goal is always to work with the organization in preparing the
employees for the changes, equip them with the knowledge, skills, tools and methods
of the new environment.  This way, everyone is involved and has a sense of
ownership in the organization. 

Change is always constant.  Going from the current to the future will always be
challenging.  But with proper organizational change management, the realization of
all business goals will be easier.

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