On Demand CRM Is Hosted CRM Solution

In the world of Customer Relationship Management, a newcomer to the sales and marketing business might be confused by what an on demand CRM solution is and what a hosted CRM solution is. Actually, these two terms refer to one and the same thing: software that can be used for Customer Relationship Management needs of a sales and marketing organization. This type of software differs from the onsite solution which is often much more expensive.

For instance, one sales and marketing oriented client compared the small $125 per month he was being charged for an on demand CRM account (or hosted CRM solution account) by RightNow Technologies, to the hefty $300,000 account that onsite solutions provider ResortCom was offering. Obviously, the budget-conscious sales and marketing client opted for the $125 per month contract instead. The client reasoned out he would get significantly more in terms of return on investment by choosing the lower-priced service.

However, this client also discovered that cheaper service does not automatically translate to better service. Problems arose with compatibility of the existing software of the client with that of RightNow Technologies. Although RightNow did try to create a way around the problem, the snag in the process caused actual deployment to reach to three months from the expected one month. This meant the client had to face the inconvenience of delays in service until he and RightNow could work out a proper solution for the situation. And despite the solution that RightNow came up with regarding the compatibility issue, the client found that it did not work 100% of the time with accuracy which was also bad for his business.

So when choosing an on demand CRM solution, you may want to examine that option a bit more closely particularly if you cannot afford delays because they cost  you money in the end.

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