On Demand SaaS: A Brief Backgrounder

On demand SaaS is no different from software service, hosted application, and software on demand.  These are all business models offering software as a service.  This kind of service uses modern Internet technology to deploy a wide array of computer application to customers.  There is a global market for this service because the application, using web protocols, can be accessed anywhere as long as the customer has Internet connection.

The history of SaaS is a bumpy one.  It experienced set back because the software market did not received it well.  In the last decade, SaaS technology was on its infancy and customers expected more from the service.  Market expectations could not be met by the service providers and it resulted to failures and closures of early SaaS companies. 

With the advent of new technologies and increasing sophistication of software development, SaaS providers experienced a rebound and this time the market has responded positively.  The synergy between software vendors and IT infrastructure providers has led to the development of more reliable IT environments and cutting-edge software.  Expectations were met and growth of this particular sector has been increasing ever since it returned to the market.

Today, businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of SaaS.  It significantly lowered the operational expenses of companies and provided perfect software solution for their computing requirements.  More companies now have been migrating to SaaS enablement from the traditional in-premise software deployment.  The trend is going towards further growth and it is expected that service providers will refine their solutions as the sector develops.

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