On the way home from work last night, I did as I usually do

Called into the local supermarket to buy the evening’s meal (ok – I admit it this single guy lives a subsistence lifestyle, not knowing what he is doing from on day to next!)  anyway – as I was about barge through the door with my usual get-in, get-out zeal, I was stopped! – “I’m sorry sir” the young shop assistant exclaimed, “we are experiencing a few technical issues”.  Now, I don’t know about you, but when I get into shopping mode – my eyes are purely fixed upon that basket, and my mind fixed on the tv at home! 

As I enquire further, I find out that the POS system has gone down due to a previous power failure. – Being the ITIL® sponge that I am – I immediately related this to ITIL®!  And so – here are my top ITIL® deficiencies of this operation:


1 – IT Continuity Management planning– definitely start with the obvious here.  Wouldn’t you – and I mean WOULDN’T YOU… have some sort of IT Continuity Plan in place in the event of such a disaster???? – Of course, you would have to define such an incident as a disaster! – but even that seems too obvious!  On a serious note – it is a concern that their POS went down as a result of this power failure…..

2 – IT Continuity Management Recovery options – this one makes me chuckle most of all! – obviously what was needed here was a “Hot standby”.  And we al know that when all else fails, we can always use our heads, a calculator and a pencil…. Now – was it smart thinking or foolishness that this was immediately considered ( and very closely tied into staff skills and knowledge management?????????)

3 – Supplier Management – assuming that they do not own the POS – merely using the services of a bank – I hope the first thing they did was go straight to their UC to ensure that this was negotiated…. –  obviously not!  Now – you need to remember that my patience was definitely wearing thin – do I wait, leave and drive 10km to the next supermarket – or give up totally and get takeaway???  I chose to wait….

4 – Service Desk – is it acceptable for a service desk operator ( aka shop assistant) to assure me and the 30 other subsistence shoppers that they will soon be able to resume their shopping?? – and 5 minutes later – re-reassure??? – when does smiling service turn into honesty –and admit that they had no flipping idea what was wrong nor when service will be resumed???? – by this time – we all wanted to speak to someone more senior (I know this may sound a little pretentious, but you need to understand that where I live – options are limited and my supermarket is definitely my intravenous drip!


The outcome??? – Waited 30minutes, and eventually gave up – went home and settled for vegemite on stale bread (toast), with 2 week old strawberries for dessert!

Oh yeah – as for my tv watching…. Apparently the outage – it affected my home as well – and blew my tv!!!!!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service




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