Online EDCL Training

Taking the ECDL exam needs preparation and a lot of time spent on studying.  For those who do not have the time to attend classroom training, there are coursewares available for the busy people on the go.  Courseware are available in the form of textbooks, e-learning or blended learning.  The most common training course that is availed of is the ECDL Online Training.  The ECDL Online Training provides candidates with the literacy and competency in computer skills. 

Benefits that are derived from ECDL Online Training include the following:

1. Training increases the level of competency of the candidate in IT and computer skills
2. Training online improves the productivity of the candidate at home and at work
3. Training do not require prior knowledge of IT or computer skills
4. Training provides qualification recognition in the IT industry

For ECDL Online Training, your computer should meet the system requirement based on the training package as provided, Most of the ECDL packages run on Microsoft Office 2003 or higher.  ECDL Training package provide the seven modules covered for the EDCL exam.  These modules are presented and sample test questions are provided at the end of each module to assess the candidate as to the level of knowledge gained.  Modules include concepts of information technology, using the computer & managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation, and information & communication.  The ECDL Training Online is downladable and allows user to a 12 month access online.

ECDL Training Online is convenient and allows flexibilty for those who do not hold of their time.  Manage your time and your study, take your ECDL training online.

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