Online ERP: The Cheaper and Simpler Option

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications can now be found online. There is a demand for web-based solutions for easier access and more cost-effective tools, and software companies are more than happy to deliver.

There are even free ERP tools that can be found online. Nsite, a software provider for online-based business tools, offered ERP applications for human resources over the internet three years ago. This was a marketing move done by Nsite to stir potential clients’ interest in preparation for the fully functional sets of ERP applications for human resources the company released later that year. Online ERP applications are not limited to human resources, though. From manufacturing to accounting, web-based ERP applications are available to virtually to any industry.

Some corporations gravitate towards online ERP applications because they are less expensive and less complicated than their offline counterparts. Although there are critics who claim that online ERP applications are not as reliable enough as traditional ERP, recent developments helped improve the reputation of online ERP applications.

For midmarket businesses that don’t necessarily need full support of traditional ERP, online ERP is a better and more feasible alternative. In the long run, companies still prioritize cost cutting, which is the primary benefit that online ERP provides.

Nevertheless, for full functionality required by bigger corporations, traditional ERP applications are still the advisable option because they can be customized according to the needs of the business. In the end, it all boils down to knowing what a business needs in order to pick the best ERP applications that suit them best.

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