Open Group TOGAF: Creating a Platform Independent Program for Wider Applicability

TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework is an industry accepted enterprise architect application.  The software can be used freely by any organization, companies, or enterprise that needs an architecture information application.  The so-called Open Group developed TOGAF in order to promote the open source – open application campaign.  TOGAF is an excellent enterprise application that is independent from any platform or operating system.  This means that the application can accommodate open source programs and will certainly work on any platform that allows open programming. 

TOGAF enterprise architect application started in mid 1990s.  It was developed by independent IT experts and programmers and software developers in order to provide an alternative for companies that wish to establish information systems architecture.  It has been continuously developed by the Open Group in order to increase its functionalities.  More utilities and tools have been added by the programmers of TOGAF so that the program can comply with the developing requirements of different IT environments. 

The newest roll out of TOGAF is version 8 Enterprise Edition.  It has far more advanced utilities for creating and designing information systems architecture.  It can also effectively interface with web functionalities making it ideal for synchronizing web development with local enterprise information systems and enterprise architecture design. 

The Open Group also issue certification fro user of TOGAF enterprise class editions.  These certification processes comply with the accepted standards in the IT industry.  Examinations and practical knowledge are required in order to secure a TOGAF certification from the Open Group. 

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