Opsource: Giving SaaS a Needed Shot in the Arm

The opsource SaaS enablement and delivery method bridges the gap between independent software vendors and end user software consumers.  Opsource provided the necessary infrastructure that enabled software developers to effectively market their product solutions to a wider customer base at reduced cost.

The business model allowed software vendors to focus their efforts in developing top of the line software solutions without investing on expensive software delivery architecture.  Opsource provided the service to be the main vehicle in delivering software products to customers.  This resulted to cheaper software which is readily available for interested subscribers.  This is one of the main reasons why software as a service continues to enjoy competitive market edge in terms of pricing and quality.

Software as a service is not a new business model.  In fact, it has existed long before the Internet became the number one source of information and services.  Early SaaS models encountered difficulties in the market.  Because of increasing cost in setting up and maintaining a reliable software delivery system, application service providers sacrificed the quality of software development in order to meet the demands of running their own delivery infrastructure.  These resulted to cold market reception which led to the early ASP downfall. 

The opsource model reversed everything.  SaaS now is enjoying renewed market vigor and ultimate dominance in the software industry.  This is due to the fact that software vendors can now concentrate on creating cutting edge software technologies which are very useful to end consumers.  Developers have been unburdened of expensive hardware maintenance. It kept the prices of exceptional software low and the market received it positively.

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