Opsource saas : Affordable meets Functional in one Value-Packed software

It is a very exciting time in the world of software as a service or saas, for the time has come for Opsource saas to shine! Touted as the delivery experts, OpSource is determined to provide its customers with the necessary operational infrastructure and service-based applications that are simply the best out there. Many web-based companies appreciate the fact that OpSource saas can offer them on-demand web application  clearly, OpSource saas can give you almost everything you will probably need so you can boost up your sales by performing using great applications in half the time!

But why choose OpSource? Let the C.R.E.C.A. acronym guide you in making the right choice of choosing it as your platform. C  complete, because everything you will need is addressed in such a software  including hardware, storage, infrastructure, disaster recovery as well as security. R  it is one hundred percent reliable, because  OpSource saas has a hundred percent uptime SLA necessary for application and infrastructure, as well as a twenty-four hour support system. E  it has the potential for extendibility through its ever-growing list of serviceable applications. C  talk about Compliant  OpenSource saas is packed with SAS70, PCI DSS, HPAA, Type II, AppExchange and Sarbanes-Oxley. And finally, A  Affordable  anyone can get their greedy little hands on it with a very attractive pay as you grow type of pricing! With all these and so much more (just waiting for you to try out and be pleasantly surprised at the value-added features), you surely can never go wrong with Opensource saas.


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