Oracle Disaster Recovery Redundancy

When it comes to disaster recovery, Oracle administrators would proudly say that the
Oracle disaster recovery procedures are already in place even before any disaster can ever
occur.  Oracle system is widely used by most experts and administrators. Many
companies both in government and non-government agencies use the Oracle system in
their organization.

Determining when a disaster will strike can never be answered and in times of disasters
and attacks, important data and information is lost in an instant. Hard drive failure and
system break downs are very common in cases of disaster. That is why it is essential to
implement an Oracle data recovery plan so that companies can gear up and plan for ways
on how to prevent the loss important data. Without an Oracle disaster recovery, any
disaster can prove to be fatal to a company’s survival. 

One of the best and probably the first step in a good Oracle disaster recovery process is a
backup system.  Backups are an essential element in the Oracle disaster recovery process
because it creates a guideline on how to go about the disaster recovery process.  But the
plan can also be tedious work for the team because this is where all the worst case
scenarios are considered and studied.   Planning for the worst will help ensure companies
that there are action plans, procedures and guidelines available for the Oracle disaster
Remotely backing up a system should be taken into consideration when planning for an
Oracle disaster recovery.  If the company can afford it, making redundant dual backup
systems are an even better option.

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