Organizational Change, Leadership and Management

The concept of organizational change is about the wide change in an organization and not regarding small changes like hiring new people, modification of a program, and etc. the wide change in an organization includes changes in the mission of the company, operations due to restructuring, new technologies, major collaborations, mergers, new programs, re-engineering and many more. Experts often refer organizational change as organizational transformation. This term gives a basic and radical reorientation in the operation of an organization.
 When an organization decides to change its strategy for achievement, modifies a major section or practice, and plans to change the nature of its operation, these occurrences are significant organization changes. For the development of organizations, it is proper that they undergo changes in the different stages of the development. The topic of organizational change has become popular in communications about leadership and management. Leaders and managers are continually making an effort to have a significant and successful change. Some people are very good but some are still struggling and failing to do the effort. Leadership concept is related to the aspect of making sure of the effectiveness in any organization and managing changes. Leading has always been a very human activity. Many people are making statements about strong leadership but do not really understand the deal about leadership.
 Leadership is not one of the general functions of a manager. Management refers to the activities done by a group of people who [plans, organize, lead and coordinate resources. The functions mentioned recur in the whole organization and are integrated. The success of the change in an organization depends on the kind .of leadership and management the person in charge is doing.

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