Organize your Thoughts, Manage your Organization with Enterprise Architecture Plan

Whether it is in business or in ‘real life’, the best thing to go about finishing a particular task is by first creating a plan. This way, you will be sure about which step to take first, what comes next, and so on. The same thing can be applied to business processes. Basically, you can have a better grasp of the way that your organization is ran if you implement an enterprise architecture plan. Enterprise architecture refers to the description of a company’s  business processes, goals, personnel and strategic plans for the future. In essence, enterprise architecture answers these two questions: "What status is the business currently in?" and "Where would the organization be in the future?"

Now, going back to the enterprise architecture plan, this can involve any of the following aspects in running a business: the operations, the personnel, the Information Technology department, the financial aspect or the marketing aspect of the company. If you have an enterprise architecture plan for marketing, for example, you need to create some sort of a blueprint which will reveal the marketing strategy, the target market, the costs involved and the target time by which the marketing plan will be released, launched or implemented.

All in all, the goal of enterprise architecture plan is to come up with strategic steps that the company will take   whether as a whole or on a per-department basis   in order to improve the operations. This way, you can ensure that the specific needs of the company will be met on a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.


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