Outsourcing American Jobs: Issues on Who Benefits More From It?

Although outsourcing jobs can serve as a cost-effective and efficient way for growing and thriving companies to focus more in enhancing core functions and competencies, some outsource-related issues and concerns however, relentlessly increase and continue. The company may have indeed benefitted and will continue to benefit from outsourcing services even so, there may be some unforeseen effects that may later become further pressing matters in the future.

America is among the giant countries that have greatly explored and continues to benefit from outsourcing particularly from third world countries, such as India, China, and other parts of Southeast Asia. There have been, on the contrary, an increasing number of American people becoming pessimistic with regard to contracting jobs. The intentions may be good and rewarding, however, it surprising to know that most of the people who have begun rallying against outsourcing jobs are previous in-house staff.

Unfortunately, outsourcing American jobs has resulted for some companies to gradually lay off their staff or employees. Perhaps these companies have realized and grabbed the opportunity of having their contracted jobs being completely done at affordable costs. Apart from gaining access to specialized skilled workforce, the companies saw some reduction in their operating costs. Another is the fact that maintaining internal employees costs more compared to the cost for an outsourced provider. Outsourcing really does save them time and money, perhaps more than what they have initially bargained for.

For companies to lay off their regular employees and substitute them with outsource providers would result to shaky economic and national security. Where did patriotism go with this scenario?

Anti-outsourcing campaigns are increasingly formed with the aim of representing nothing more than the welfare of the public, particularly of America s once dedicated workforce and their families.

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