Outsourcing in India A Trade Secret

India remains as one of the top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers, not only dominating the whole of Asia but the rest of the planet as well. Profits keep on coming and the Indian BPO industry continues to grow that it even emerge as one of the key investment markets in this side of the world today. In 2005 alone, there were over 400 companies operating within the Indian BPO space, and these include third-party service providers and captive units (of both Indian and Multinational Corporations). India is ideal for BPO primarily due to cheaper bandwidth, which leads to low telecom costs for leased lines. To top it all, India has a competitive English-speaking workforce provided with accent reduction training classes to improve more on communication and interaction skills.

India s dominance in the BPO industry started in the early 1980 s when European airlines, such as British Airways, have started using Delhi as the location for back-office operations. On the second half, American Express also strengthened its back-office operations in New Delhi. In the 1990 s, General Electric (GE) formed an enterprise called GECIS (GE Capital International Services) and it became a huge success that GE even ramp up their Indian workforce. It was during 2000 when third party BPOs came into the picture and one of the early BPOs established is Spectramind. In 2002, Wipro bought Spectramind and by then, BPO had become conventional just like India s IT industry. The BPO industry grew rapidly that it reached as high as 38% on 2005. Among approximately one million workers, some 40% appears to be directly working in the BPO and IT sector. This is such an achievement on today s Indian BPO industry.


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