Outsourcing: The Service Level Agreement External Links to Success

Why is it that there are many businesses worldwide that turns to outsourcing nowadays? There are a lot of different reasons why a company will need to hire an external party to fulfill its shoes in various aspects of the business. One may be is to obtain expertise, or perhaps reduce production costs.  It could be to delegate someone else for application maintenance and help desk operations or simply pass along the responsibilities to concentrate or focus on another business venture. Yes, these are just mere possibilities but the only truth is, outsourcing is here to stay whatever reasons these companies have and service level agreement or SLA plays a very important role in ensuring that both parties are establishing a very good working relationship.

The external link, which is the outsourcer and the company itself play different roles to a successful project, as prescribed in the service level agreement. One is up to what extent that the outsourcer will support the company that hired its services. Say for example, Outsourcer A handles different accounts: Company A, Company B and Company C. Now these three companies have different needs. As may be stated in the SLA, Company A may require Outsourcer A for technical issues, Company B for account / billing issues and Company C for shifting software and hardware components. It is Outsourcer As responsibility to make some adjustments whenever necessary to ensure that these companies will be satisfied at the end of the day. If worse comes to worst, the company has the right to obtain financial penalties and at the same time, terminate the project if ever conditions stated in the SLA were not achieved.

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