Outsourcing to India: Business Segments that can Be Outsourced to India

For many years, India has been a favorite destination of companies for outsourcing their business segments and manufacturing processes.  In fact, India continues to be the top choice of most Western companies for off shore outsourcing.  This is due to the fact that India possesses a huge labor pool that has superior technical expertise and talent compared to its competitors in the off-shoring industry.  When outsourcing to India, people tend to think of the IT and call center solutions only.  However, the Indian domestic market has developed in an all-round way making it possible for foreign corporations to outsource almost any of their business operations.

Of course the top outsourcing solution to India continues to be dominated by the IT sector.  India has its own silicon valley which is located in Bangalore.  Software development and IT engineering and architecture are the foremost outsourcing service that India offer. 

Data entry and back office operation can also be outsourced to India.  Specifically, services such as data control, auditing, dispatch and validation can be outsourced to India. Important back office operations such as accounting, payroll management, accounts receivable services, claims administration, human resources, and internal auditing among others can be easily outsourced to Indian off-shore service providers.  Companies can take advantage of the wide English language proficiency of the Indian work force making it possible to outsource these critical back office and data entry operations to India.  This will unload redundant in-house services and will significantly increase the savings of companies in terms of maintaining a back office support. 

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