Overview Of The Principles Of IT Governance

Many companies are taking advantage of the benefits of IT and are investing heavily
on it.  With this many companies are now implementing IT governance for their
investment.  A book published by the Harvard Business School lists the ten principles
of IT governance.

One of the many mistakes made by organization is that there is no clear ownership
and accountability when it comes to IT governance.  In the ten principles of IT
governance, this is stated as one of the important factors of IT governance.  While the
board may be ultimately responsible for all governance, it is expected that they will be
delegating an individual or a team who will be accountable for the design of the IT

Another important factor considered in the ten principles of IT governance is
transparency and education.  This is because with more transparency, the easier it is to
educate everyone involved, and the more one is educated, the more transparent the IT
governance.  With transparency and education, employees are more likely to follow
the rules and will have more confidence in the IT governance.  Leaders should make
communication and support an important role in the implementation of IT governance
through transparency and education.

Therefore, senior managers should be highly involved in the IT governance.  This is
also mentioned in the ten principles of IT governance.  With senior management
support, the success and effectiveness of IT governance increases tremendously. 
CIOs and staff should have a clear line of communication throughout the IT

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