Particulars About the CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide, Second Edition All-In-One

The CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide, Second Edition All-In-One is actually a book written by Mr. Shon Harris which is considered to be a very up-to-date publication you can use for preparation for the CISSP accreditation exam.

This product created by Shon Harris also has certain revisions considered necessary to include in this Second Edition. At the beginning of each Chapter, the reader will encounter complete coverage of every topic delineated by the ISC2 organization. This means that you can keep making use of this book even after you have secured CISSP accreditation, as a point of reference when you need to brush up.

There are ten subject areas involved in CISSP which the All-In-One Exam Guide covers in detail. These are namely: about access control systems and methodology; about applications and system development; about business continuity planning; cryptography; about law, investigation, and ethics; operations security; about physical security; about security architecture and models; about security management practices; and about telecommunications and networking.

It also contains one CD-ROM where you gate to use a simulator exam which will ask you more than 850 practice questions and answers.

The whole book and package is actually pretty hefty at four pounds total shipping weight. There are also tips on how to pass the exam given. You should pay attention to the learning objectives set out in every chapter beginning.  Some claim that this book alone suffices for those planning to prepare for the CISSP accreditation exam.

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