Pass the MCDST 70-271 and MCDST 70-272 to Get Certified

If an individual wants to pursue a career in IT support he must get an MCDST certification to get started. With an MCDST certification he can show employers that he is qualified to do helpdesk support to the company’s end users.

However, one only obtains the MCDST credential if he passes the two MCDST exams. And there are actually two exams. The first is the MCDST 70-271 and the second is MCDST 70-272. MCDST 70-271 is given to ensure that the IT support person is quite capable in supporting end users and in troubleshooting Windows XP. MCDST 70-272, on the other hand, is given to test the individual’s ability to troubleshoot applications running on Windows XP like the Windows Office and Internet Explorer. 

There are actually no experience prerequisites for both exams so virtually anyone can take them. Anyone who wants to enter the field of IT support can take the exams to get certified. To pass the exams, the individual must prepare and he must have a good foundation like a good user level competency on Windows and Microsoft Office.

And when he finally obtains the MCDST certification he will now have better credentials to show employers what he’s capable of. The certification will serve as a badge of his skills and his knowledge. So when employers need IT support personnel, he will surely get a better chance of being chosen because he has the MCDST credential. Even if it takes some amount of preparation to pass the exams, the effort would surely be worth it when he gets hired.

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