Passing the CCNP BSCI Exams

After studying four modules under the Cisco Certified Network Professional, the student s next step is to become a certified and professional CCNP holder. He looks forward to a bright future that of becoming a certified CCNP with a large monthly salary. He also sees a future of many career doors opening for him and of him being so valuable in the network industry. However, there is still one tough hurdle to overcome before becoming a CCNP. A student has to pass a rigorous examination using all of what he has learned in the curriculum.

The exam is called 642-901 CCNP BSCI exam. Things to Consider Preparing for a CCNP BSCI exam can be a tough time especially when it involves lots of money.  The common practice of purchasing a  router simulator , which is expensive software, can be a heavy financial burden to a student. Some students has started putting up their own CCNP Home Lab, which is the ideal way to prepare for the CCNP BSCI exam.

Putting Up a Home Lab There is no need to spend lots of money to build a home lab. There are people in the internet who sells second hand Cisco routers and switches to exam candidates. Moreover, the student does not have to immediately purchase an access server if budget will not allow it. There are ways to save money for the CCNP home lab by using second hand routers and switches. The most important thing is to learn from your home lab. Learning from an actual home lab will eventually give a student the much-coveted CCNP BSCI certificate.

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