Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture: Enhancing Adaptability and Responsiveness to Enterp

Patterns of enterprise application architecture permit duplication and re-use of enterprise architecture solutions for similar organization architectural problems.  As a pattern for other business situations, the created idea and application processes could be very useful in solving future organizational issues.  The pattern can instruct program developers and decision makers how to handle new enterprise situations.  Past applications and business solutions will guide the enterprise in facing problems existing in a new context.

The creation of a pattern for enterprise application architecture mimics the pattern behavior and techniques used by structural design architects.  It has been noted by the software industry the programming environment and structural engineering and architecture have similar issues to handle.  Those issues relate to the emergence of repetitive and redundant problems which can be solved using tools, techniques, and solutions that have been proven to work.  Specifically for software development and architecture, there will always come a time when an enterprise application issue will arise which has happened before in other context.  This led to the development of applications architectural patterns that could be used as a tool guide or a template approach in solving new issues.  It makes software development more adaptive and responsive to enterprise architecture problems.  The use of patterns will enable IT engineers to reduce development time of new applications solutions.  Of course, every enterprise architecture problem has a distinct feature.  The applications patterns however, can determine the general similarities and suggest solutions which can be fine-tuned by the software developer to suit current applications issues.

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