PC Helpdesk: Computer Desktop Knowledge 101

Investing in a desktop computer can be a difficult problem especially if you are not
very familiar with the IT industry.  This PC helpdesk for computer desktop will try to
help you by giving you a few pointers on how to choose the best PC computer.  There
are two kinds of desktop computers, the PC and the Mac.  Since we are primarily
focusing our helpdesk on the PC desktop, we will no longer discuss the Mac.

With new computers becoming more and more powerful, novice PC users find it
difficult to identify which computers have the power for them.  This PC helpdesk for
computer desktops is your answer.

In looking for a PC desktop computer, the following should always be considered: 
budget, function and power.  You have to know your budget in looking for a desktop
computer and you have to stick to your budget as much as possible.  Entry level
computers will usually range in price from $200 to $400.  High end computers will be
much higher.

Ask yourself this question:  For what purpose will I use my computer? PC helpdesks
are often flooded with questions on computer use because most buyers have no idea
what the purpose of their computer is.  Buying a high end computer desktop for
simple word processing use is not a good idea.  Many desktop PCs nowadays are
powerful enough to meet your needs so if you’re not going to use it for heavy
graphics and video editing, it would be wiser to invest on an entry level computer

You want to go techie?  Then you should understand that your PCs power is very
important.  Therefore, for light computing, the minimum requirements for today are
dual-core processors.  Intel is still the most popular brand (and it shows with their
share of the market).  Memory should at least be 512MB and the Hard Disc at 80GB. 
With prices of PC desktop computers falling almost daily, you can probably even get
a better deal at lower prices yet with higher specifications.

So there it is.  You’re now ready to face the IT world with this PC helpdesk on
computer desktop.

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