PC technician Help Desk do wonders

Maintenance of computers covers a big share in your
company’s budget.  As your computer bogs down, you
wait for technician to have your pc look at.  But it might
take days or weeks before your technician pays you a visit. 
Your productivity is affected and you are unable to meet
your targets.

A solution to the waiting time for your technician to
come and visit your equipment is to software that will
allow a nationwide remote access of what your computer
needs i.e. services, repair or support.  With the PC
technician help desk software, support service friendly
technician has the ability to connect to your computer
via high speed Internet and starts to troubleshoot and
find solutions to your pc problem.  It is a remote control
system that automatically connects to your PC and
technician.  The pc technician can fix your PC without
having to sit next to you.  Technician can log in/out,
reboot or log in using safe mode even the user is
away from keyboard.  PC technician help desk
software seeks to help solve the following:

1.  Slow Computer Activity
2.  Unexplained / Excessive Pop-ups
3.  Unexplained Browser Changes
4.  Email Configuration
5.  Virus Removal
6.  Spyware Removal
7.  Wireless Network Security Issues
8.  Basic Wireless Network Connection Issues

The PC technician help desk is economical and
delivers services immediately.  You need not have
to go on leave for work or stop your regular duties
attending to visiting technicians at home or work
just to have your PC fix.  Your Pc is fix via a
remote control.

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