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The ITIL® managers certificate exam is a serious course which is intended to help IT service managers to be aware of the need to have in-depth knowledge and gain more practical understanding in ITIL® processes, whether they are organizational or process-oriented. Practical oriented courses leading one to be trained in the ITIL® managers certificate include activities such as role-playing and case studies, which aim both to test and improve the managerial skills of the participants.
One of the main objectives to be born in mind when training a service manager is to provide the necessary practical information and skills in planning, management, implementation and improvement of ITIL® service support and service delivery processes. Moreover, there are other key objectives in training a service manager which are: understanding the foundation of all the best ITIL® practices; being aware of the importance of IT service management; being able to do impact analysis; determining organizational improvement; and preparation for future certifications. 
Part of the certification process consists of an in-course assessment. Before you may obtain a managers certificate in IT service management, the in-course assessment must have satisfactory results. Assessment ensures the candidate possesses the skills that are necessary for him to function as a manager in IT organization, or perhaps as a consultant.
Having an ITIL® foundation certificate under your belt, and possessing good writing and speaking skill, as well as being blessed with two or more years of experience as a professional manager or consultant in the IT management field are all necessary prerequisites for one planning on taking the managerial certificate. 
The main objective of these managerial certificate exams are for exam takers to obtain knowledge in managing, recording and improving ITIL® processes; be able to describe IT service management processes; be able to implement changing processes; and of course having adequate verbal and writing skills to permit creation of coherent reports, memos and project plans. All these are considered important for one to be able to imbibe the important skills that are required to become a successful service manager.

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