PeopleSoft CRM: Providing a New Dimension to Customer Service

PeopleSoft CRM is a specific Oracle product line for customer service management.  PeopleSoft has been known to provide topnotch Enterprise Resource Planning software and valuable Human Resources business suite.  The PeopleSoft CRM is an addition to their service in order to cater the increasing needs of companies for quality customer relations business process software.

Loyal users of PeopleSoft applications will be comfortable with the current CRM rollout.  It has all the familiar tools and functions of Oracle PeopleSoft applications.  That is why deploying a CRM developed by PeopleSoft would not be a problem at all.  In fact, the CRM solution of PeopleSoft integrates some of the utilities that can be found on its enterprise class applications.  This is very useful for generating seamless interface with other Oracle products. 

The strength of PeopleSoft CRM lies in its focus on customer service, sales generation, and sales and market analytics.  These three functions are the core utilities of a good CRM application.  That is why the PeopleSoft CRM suite could significantly improve the performance of the company’s customer relations service as well as its sales force.  However, the application lacks essential support for marketing campaigns, field services, and e-commerce capabilities.  The good news is that these utilities can be found on other PeopleSoft applications which can be integrated in the CRM package.

Loyal user of Oracle PeopleSoft should welcome the latest CRM addition.  It will add functionality to their entire enterprise applications environment.  New users will also find PeopleSoft CRM application easier to use than other CRM software.

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