Piggy in the Middle….


Last Blog, I talked about SLM developing relationships with the customer.  Today I thought I would share insights into SLM and the IT Department.


When speaking to SLM’s they continually raise the issue of IT department thinking that SLM is all about cost cutting, and that they are just there to spy on the IT Department…  Other SLM’a have experienced the totally opposite (fence sitting here to save getting hate mail ;))


The question is – “ How do you instil trust in the IT Department as an SLM?”   The Role of an SLM is to ensure that that service levels are agreed to and met…  If you look at it from their perspective – that definitely sounds like a “Big Brother” approach. 


If a successful relationship is to exist between SLM and IT, it has to be based on “listening”.  Listen to the needs of IT, and how they see the issues.  Any savvy SLM will find a way to turn this into a “win-win” for both parties.  If you can demonstrate that you do indeed listen and consider and report back, then they are more  likely to develop this all important level of trust…


Again – as in any Change – go for small wins… but I said this last time….


Another fear is the ever increasing concept of a “decreasing budget”.  We all know that the Business want the same level of service at a decreased cost…. But the reality is – if we are providing a quality service (agreed, but not improving levels), then costs should go down…. If an IT Department can achieve this – then there has to be room to find opportunities to grow their Portfolio…. Benefits!!!!!


Tug O War, Piggy,Tightrope… which ever metaphor you choose to use, the challenges are all the same… but “overcomeable”…



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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