Pivotal CRM: Delivering Fully Customizable CRM Solution

Pivotal CRM solution offers wide range of customer management tools and applications to several industries.  Pivotal CRM technologies have been deployed in the health industry, financial services, legal management, production and manufacturing sector, e-sales services, construction, and real estate.  Pivotal CRM solutions offer flexible CRM packages that will answer the need for automated customer relations management tools.  It also carries unique features for marketing and sales campaigns as well as solutions for customer analytics. 

Pivotal CRM solutions provide out of the box software package that can be deployed instantly.  However, the out of the box solution is fully customizable to match specific business needs.  This customization capability makes Pivotal CRM technologies ideal for any type of enterprise.  Start up companies can utilize the basic tools and functionalities of the Pivotal CRM solutions while complex organizations can scale the software in order to cater to their growing CRM needs.  It adds a new dimension for ready made applications and broadens the options for companies wishing to deploy an effective CRM solution.

Aside from on-site CRM deployments, Pivotal CRM solutions also provide on demand applications and software as service packages.  This paves the way for two methodologies in implementing CRM.  Companies can opt to host their CRM solutions on a remote server utilizing web based functionalities to access their CRM database.  They can also choose to host the CRM package in their local server and get critical software management support from Pivotal technology experts and consultants.  Pivotal CRM packages are also available for evaluation in order for companies to determine if the solution will match their business needs.

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