Planning For Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is one of the most increasing aspects in business industries today.
Companies are now becoming very cautious on preparing a contingency plans to get
ready with potential disasters. Natural calamities and adversities brought about by human
error are just some of the events organizations must prepare for. And when these disasters
hit, it’s actually impossible to maintain normal operations. That is why it is very
important to prepare and get ready with emergency measures to ease the complexities of
disasters. Minimizing the effects and further damages of calamities are one of the major
goals planning for recovery in a disaster. This also includes an analysis on how to resolve
business procedures and stability requirements of the company.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.  So prevention is the key focus of
disaster recovery plans. In many companies, their systems, devices and networks are the
most difficult areas to maintain, protect and secure.  There are just so many threats out
there that year after year, recovery plans are becoming more difficult to develop and
sustain. The threats to security develop quickly and needs more advanced technology to
prevent system damages.  But in the unlikely event of a security breach, having the right
plan and putting it into action will save the company millions of dollars in disaster

But the ball does not stop with just planning for security threats, protecting the
organization from other threats like natural disasters and man-made disasters (both
intentional and unintentional) should also be part of the disaster recovery procedures. 
They should continually be updated, tested and maintained to ensure that they are still
applicable and workable.


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