Plunging into the Definition of Podcast

Nowadays, most people are expected to know what a podcast is all about including the methods on how to obtain them as well as the ways on how to listen to them. Although of course, there are always some people out there who are still not aware what a podcast really is. For the benefit of these people, a definition of podcast is provided in the succeeding discussions.

A podcast is basically an audio or video program designed to be played on the computer or other convenient digital music devices. A podcast is also a show such as radio and T.V. shows, which are produced by either amateurs or professionals, published on the Internet for the purpose of downloading, viewing or listening. Some of this can be found for free on the Internet; while there are also some that are being purchased.

Fundamentally, the name podcast is a combination of iPod and broadcast. Through the use of podcasting, consumers can freely make audio files that are readily available on their website, which can also be downloaded by others either to their MP3 players or iPods. As well, “Podcast” is delivered through Rich Site Summary (RRS) feeds. Similar to blogs, users subscribe to various podcasts that are regularly checked for updates.

Evidently, podcasting is another medium to deliver syndicated web content to the users. The services in podcasting are also being developed similar to blogs to assist podcast fans in locating and sorting through the increasing number of offered podcasts on the Internet. In fact, even iTunes is already presenting podcast feature this time.

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