PMBOK Sample Document: A Quick View on Project Management Concepts

The Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK is a compilation of best
practices, procedures and processes in project management. This official document helps
professionals in managing the different discipline in project management. This gives a
fundamental knowledge in handling projects in different areas such as software, IT, the
engineering, construction, automotive and other fields in the business industry. A sample
document of PMBOK is easily accessible in the internet to provide professionals the
fundamental knowledge in project management.

The PMBOK is a useful tool that helps project managers to effectively implement the
basic standards, techniques and principles in their projects. Reviewing a sample of
PMBOK together with PMP trainings and practice tests will ensure an individual’s
qualification for PMP certification. This will help students in studying the different
methods of implementing projects.

PMBOK has various editions. PMI ensures that the concepts and principles in project
management are updated to provide students and professionals the latest techniques in
initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling the various processes in
project management. When downloading sample document, make sure to use the 3rd
edition of PMBOK. This document will help improve the project management processes
in today’s business environment.

To have a successful career in project management, it is essential to have the necessary
skills and credentials. Companies these days search for not just skilled professionals but
they are also looking for people who gained certifications in project management.
Making use of free sample of PMBOK document online can help practitioners in
preparing for the PMP certification test.


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