PMI PMBOK: The Body of Knowledge

It is said that there is a common Body of Knowledge being used by any Examination.
Even in the realms of physical examinations, there is also a Body of Knowledge.
More so in an Examination of Certification.
There are a lot of Certifications and one of these is the PMP, which is mainly for the Project Managers.
There is a person named Alfred is an applicant of the PMP Certification Examinations.
He needs to understand better the Body of Knowledge, which is highly essential in desiring to pass the Examination.
Without knowing or understanding it, his chances of passing such are very slim.
He may still pass it, but he’d have a harder time doing so.
In most professions, there is always the existence of a Body of Knowledge, and in the PMP, this Body of Knowledge can be found inside it.
This Book of Knowledge is composed of both traditional practices that have already been accepted and applied within the profession, and the new ones, which can be considered as innovative.
And problem of Alfred is more complex that it would seem.
Unlike other Body of Knowledge, the Project Management (PM) Body of Knowledge is something that cannot be read in just one single document.
This is because the PMI Body of Knowledge is within the practitioners and academics, which apply PMI in their daily lives of career work.
There are of course efforts being made to help persons like Alfred to have a more comprehensive Body of Knowledge about PMI.
And it is working, in the long run, which is better because the PMI is hard organization to pass. 

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