PMP Certificate: Out of the Ordinary

Some people may think that certificates really are not a big thing. They may go on thinking that a certificate is just a piece of paper and another addition to your credential but hardly goes noticed. But if you are aspiring for top level positions in big shot companies, you would find these line of thinking entirely false.

A PMP certificate is more than just a certificate.

The PMP certification was actually launched by the Project Management Institute. Nobody can just be authorized to take on the certification exam and even if you have been accepted to take it, that still does not guarantee that you would get your certification. It really takes a rather grueling process to get it but once you do, you’d realize how much it’s all worth it.

Before you get approved, you would have to present your project management credentials first to the proper authorities. They will look at your educational attainment and how much of it has been focused on project management majors. Then they would of course also see how actually experienced you are in the field of project management. Usually, they require eight years of first hand experience wherein you have served as a project manager yourself for a minimum of sixty months. Moreover, this means that you did not report to any other supervisor but led your own team into accomplishing different projects.

Once you get approved, the PMP certificate is still not easily within reach. You need to undergo the exam which would assess just how much you really know about project management. It involves the basics as well as the in-depth knowledge project managers should be aware of. The exam is what bags the PMP certificate in the end.

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