PMP FASTrack – Your Certification Buddy

Before you go into the PMP exam, certainly you’d need to review and prep yourself up for the looming day. There are various now available to help you with this such as flash cards, study guides, and even training courses. All of these methods are really helpful, but there’s one thing that quite stands out from the pack.

And these are trial exams.

Trial exams have always been heavily utilized by any kind of licensure or certification exam, not just for PMP alone. Usually, all the other methods mentioned above work side by side trial exams to help get you on your way into being succeful with the actual exam.

This is where PMP FASTrack comes in.

PMP FASTrack is more than just the usual trial exam. This program actually simulates the PMP certification exam itself. The software was developed by Rita Mulcahy for PMP purposes.

The exam is psychometrically accurate, which is why it is generally trusted and proven. The PMP FASTrack covers almost every detail of the actual exam, except of course the actual questions itself. What it does is to simulate the topics which the actual exam covers so that once you get into the real exam, you would definitely become more familiar with what type of questions would you most likely expect as you go along.

By using the PMP FASTrack, you will be able to grasp important concepts and key words as easily as you would through the use of flash cards. You will have an idea about knowing only what’s important with your study guides instead of forcing to learn everything before the exam day.

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