PMP Makes a Real Project Manager

PMP is not just all about certification. PMP is made under the premise of acknowledging what makes a real project manager worthy of the title. Beyond skills, beyond professionalism, PMP aims to build a project manager reputation based on the following factors:

1. A project manager inspires his people and shares with the group’s vision. He does not just lead to execute plans, but leads under the plan’s vision. His goal is the same as that of his members, which is why he is looked up to by the team and is treated as an inspiration.

2. A project manager knows how to communicate with all of the members of his team regardless of level. He can clearly communicate his plans and ideas with his team and makes sure that everybody else understands it.

3. Actions speak louder than words. Therefore, a project manager must enforce integrity in everything he does. He should also serve as the ethical model of his co-workers.

4. Enthusiasm should also be displayed by the project manager. Humor and optimism does a lot to motivate employees especially during the most difficult times. Leaders who are filled with enthusiasm always bring a can-do attitude within the workplace.

5. A project manager must know how to properly delegate tasks not just for the purpose of having everybody else work. The tasks must be delegated in such a way that everyone does a work under his specialization. Tasking should fit an employee’s job description so that efficiency would always be above standards.

These are the other factors shaped by PMP. Project managers would not just benefit from PMP by certification alone. It also brings in a lot of important know-how and realization as to how they should act as “real” project managers.

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