PMP Questions’ Objectives

People who are bound to take the PMP certification are also going to take PMP practice tests prior to the actual day of exam. You should definitely do so if you aspire to take the PMP. It is necessary not just so you can familiarize yourself with the entire exam but also as a way of boosting your confidence that you can pass the exam and obtain certification.

Of course, the real concern with PMP is the questions they contain. Although presented in multiple choice formats, the PMP questions can be tactically presented to make the exam a bit more difficult. Actually, these questions are based on the following general objectives:

1. Initiating – PMP questions aim to gauge how innovative you are when it comes to spearheading an original project.

2. Planning – After coming up with an idea, it is only logical to form a feasible plan to suit its implementation. This is what PMP questions pertaining to planning aim to gauge.

3. Execution – No matter how good a plan is and how unique and idea is, it would not come to life if execution was poorly done. Thus, PMP questions also have a bulk to ask about this so that a project manager’s influence can also be considered.

4. Control – It is not enough that the plan is already being implemented. Usually, the project will go for a certain period of time. Thus, it is important that a project manager would be able to control all factors which can affect the project.

5. Closing – Although this generally talks about how the project manager ends the project, the PMP questions which pertain to this also highlights the taker’s capability to close a project not with finality but as a means of beginning a new one.


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