PMP Resume: Not a Miracle-Worker

There are a lot of questions on the use of having a Certification.
In fact, having one presents a lot more questions than answers.
These questions would primarily start or lead to a Certification’s use.
Most people who have taken the Examination and passed it remark that it is indeed needed.
In fact, many Project Managers would attest to this.
One such Project Manager, named as Mr. Magruder, states that his resume was appreciated even more by his future employers.
Whenever he would apply for a job, his PMP Certification was a sure way to earn him raised eyebrows and a lead against the other applicants.
This is not to say that only a PMP Certification is needed to jumpstart the person’s resume.
Although, a having PMP Certification creates the impression that the applicant is able and talented enough to perform for the job, it will still be up to the applicant on how he should bring himself up to being hired.
A Certification will only aid him in being considered for the position.
In cases where the applicant is already in a company, a PMP Certification would help him to get a promotion more easily than a worker with no Certification.
A Certification will greatly affect the applicant’s credibility in front of his future and current employers, like in the case of Mr. Magruder, who greatly impressed his future employers with his credentials and experience coupled by a PMP Certification.
The PMP Certification is not a miracle-dose that immediately results to hiring or promotion, rather it just helps in achieving these.

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