PMP Sample and Predictor

Preparing for any type of licensure or certification exams is a must. Sure there are various methods you can adapt. All of these are proven methods. But, there’s also another way of preparing for these types of exams in such a way that you get a good vibe of the looming day.

How? By taking practice tests.

Practice tests allow you to gauge just how prepared you actually are. It gives you a venue for applying whatever information you have gathered from all of your exam reviews.

So if you want to take the PMP certification, practice tests are a great way of giving you a PMP sample.

Practice tests for PMP simulate the actual certification exam. Although simulated, this does not mean that the contents of the practice exam would be similar to that of  the actual one. It is just but a PMP sample.

These PMP samples also contain multiple-choice questions. You can also use a predictor while taking it so that you can see how you pace the entire exam and which types of questions do you usually take up some time to answer. All you have to do is have an extra sheet which you would divide into three different columns—25%, 50%, 90%. These percentages will become your predictor. For each question, check the right column which corresponds to how sure you are with the answer you chose. Checking 90% means you are sure or have only the slightest bit of doubt with your choice, 50% would mean that you are unsure, and 25% means you guessed your answer. Skipping numbers would not count in the predictor.

Combine your PMP sample with your own predictor and make that certification a sure thing.


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